Cambodia 365

365 days of Cambodia

Lee Molenaar, in collaboration with IPS Cambodia would like to welcome you to 365 days of Cambodia. 365 days of Cambodia is my latest project featuring 365 digital paintings created daily during my travels through the Kingdom of wonder.

All the artworks in this series are digital paintings available for sale as limited edition prints and can be viewed in detail here on the gallery page. We only run 12 prints of each artwork as collectors items. Buy them now to avoid missing out.

These artworks are currently only available for sale in Cambodia. If you would like to acquire a print or commission a specific piece, please do contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Why digital painting?

The green house by Lee Molenaar

The most astonishing aspect of digital painting has to be the acceleration in production of quality artworks. This realization gave birth to a challenge I set myself for the next year. Complete a painting every day for the next year. What would be the motive behind such a personal challenge?

There are many reasons why a professional fine artist with a background in traditional oil painting would gravitate and experiment with a new medium such as digital painting. For example, I find myself in a country and climate which does not promote the use of traditional media due to availability and issues with archival qualities of materials in high humidity environments. This lead me to investigate other options available to me including, linocut, reduction woodblock printing, soft pastels, painting with oils directly onto aluminum/stainless steel sheets etc.  

I want to push my own limits as a visual artist as well as the limits of this new medium called digital painting which is set to revolutionize the world of visual art but first, let us dive into the world of digital painting, dispel a few myths and answer some questions about this new medium available to artists.

What is digital painting exactly? Let’s head over to the About page to find out more…